Friday, 30 December 2016

Deep Space 9mm UNCUT

Well I have never seen it before!

Standard best of 2016 list

2016 was a great year for me. No complaints at all. Even the Scottish weather has been pretty mild. Here is what I enjoyed listening to this year. Happy New Year folks.

Reso – Ricochet
Fatima Al Quadira – Brute
Broken DC – Astragal
Cold Hard Truth - Truthgetta
Green Beret – Standing At The Mouth Of Hell
Ital Tek – Hollowed
Nasty Bastard – Do One!
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Green Graves
Asher Levitas – Lit Harness
Goat – Requiem
Arms Race – New Wave Of British Hardcore
Goth-Trad - Psionics
Autechre – Elseq 1-5
The Lowest Form – Personal Space
Drab Majesty - Careless
Plaid – The Digging Remedy
Dinosaur Jr – Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not
Nocturnus – The Science Of Horror
Mala – Mirrors
Tantrum - Killer Tape
Run The Jewels - RTJ3
Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid
Brain Tentacles – Brain Tentacles
DJ Distance – Dynamis
Biosphere – Departed Glories
Equiknoxx – Bird Sound Power
Ringworm – Snake Church
Demdike Stare – Wonderland
Aphex Twin – Cheetah
Zomby – Ultra
Gatecreeper – Sonoran Deprivation
Burial – Young Death
Kuedo – Slow Knife
Raime – Tooth
Antwood – Virtuous.SCR
Konx-Om-Pax - Caramel

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Favourite Music of 2015

So I didn't buy as many records this year as I would like to have bought mainly down to the fact that I had to spend a couple of grand travelling between Liverpool and Edinburgh to see Emily.

This will all change in 2016 now I am settled in Edinburgh.

Here is what I enjoyed listening to on the many train journeys I made in 2015.

Happy holidays to you all!!

Arca – Mutant
FIS - The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now
New Order – Music Complete
AxH - Numbskull
Unholy Majesty – All Is Dust
D'eon - Foxconn Trios
Higher Power - Space To Breathe
Kuedo - Assertion of a Surrounding Presence
Kurt Stenzel - Jodorowsky's Dune OST
Blind To Faith - Circling The Drain
Jlin – Dark Energy
Insist – Demo
Violent Reaction – Marching On
Oneohtrix Point Never - Garden of Delete
Genocide Pact - Forged Through Domination
The Egyptian Lover - 1984
Rabit – Communion
Tantrum - Demo
Sirpixalot – Voyage
Roly Porter – Third Law
Akkord – Obelisk
Tropic Of Cancer – Stop Suffering
Visionist – Safe
Life Betrays Us - Demo
In Tongues - Rituals Of Failure And Ruin
Chain Of Flowers – Chain Of Flowers
Kode9 – Nothing
Idle Hands – London Style

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Predator - Dark Ages

Pretty professionally shot fan film staring everybody's favourite laser sighted time traveller hunting the Knights Templar.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Emptyset - Collapse

I have always been a huge fan of Emptyset but never saw this video until tonight. Turn it up and turn the lights off!!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Saturday, 22 November 2014

The New Atlantis

I picked this record up as an impulse buy last month sucked in by the logo that looked like it was drawn with a biro by Roger Dean. Also handwritten on the hype label by the nice lads at Probe Records was 'File next to Tangerine Dream & Cluster' and as anybody who knows me well knows that I am obsessed with all things Tangerine Dream. So off I go down to the pub round the corner for a pint to check out todays pickings.

After a brief scan of a very boring looking Boards of Canada reissue I crack the sleeve on this photocopied looking thing I just spent fifteen of my hard earned pounds on and I am surprised to be greeted with this...

So I think, fuck.. who the hell is this guy with all these huge fucking synths!

So after a few more pints I finally arrive home and throw this thing on the turntable quick smart and I am not disapointed. Yes, it does sound like TD in parts. Anyways, have a listen if you are into this kinda thing. I am no good at reviewing records so have a listen if you are into moody music made with Moogs.

originally a private press of 300 copies and recently reissued by Anthology Recordings in a run of 1000 hand numbered copies.

Apparently besides building his own synths, Rudiger was also a pharmacist which could explain a lot!!

Rudiger Lorenz Wikipedia

Rüdiger Lorenz - 'Invisible Voices' LP


New Order - New York City 18th November 1981

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My favourite records of the year so far are...

I always download shit like everybody else. If I play it all week at work its a good sign of a good record and I buy it. So many good records this year already but here are a few monsters I have bought already.

ekoplekz - 'Unfidelity'
Conan - 'Blood eagle'
Distance - 'Outer Limits'
Sunn & Ulver - 'Terrestials'
evian Christ - 'Waterfall'
Four Tet & Terror Danjah - 'Killer Nasty' 12"
AxH - 'Destroy' 12"

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

You ripped my fucking life apart!

This is hands down my favourite release of the year so far. AxH from Boston USA's first release on Tempa. I will be hunting down everything this boy has done. Buy this record before it sell's out!! Boomkat say Raime, I say Kryptic Minds. The pre shit-storm dark dubstep we all worshipped.

I guess dudes from Boston can't just jump ship to Berlin and it shows.

As Sid proclaimed on his ragged t-shirt when Rotten wasn't borrowing it! 'Destroy'

AxH - 'Destroy' 12"


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Would you like a fresh one? Mr Douglas Williams

So, this is a post about one of my best friends ever. I have posted some stuff on here before about his other bands but this is about him, the Fresh One. I have no idea when we first met but I am guessing it was in the early 2000's with his old (and still current) band STOUT. Since then... and certainly the last last five years, we have been engrossed in talk about electronic music of all kinds and he has always been a bright and positive friend when things have been good or bad in my life.

A multi-skilled human being with a positive outlook on life that most of us can only dream about. Graf head, Killer skate boarder, bass player, graphic designer, cellist, beat programmer, king collector of Gundam robots and friend to a LOT of people all and fitting this in with being a great husband. A true gentleman.

Here are two of his CD's he made me back in 2007 that still help me sleep when I can't.

I love you brother, always.

Douglas Williams - 'Electro Acoustic Excursions'


Douglas Williams - 'Life + Hope - Death + Rebirth'


Monday, 13 January 2014

Vaughn Bodē speaking at Toronto Comic Con in 1974.

Rare footage of the great Vaughn Bodē speaking at Toronto Comic Con 40 years ago. I was only a year old when this was filmed and sadly, Less than 12 months later he had passed away.

Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

2013 - A great year all round!

2013 was a great year for me. Dickhead free and tons of great music to boot. Here is some of the best shit I physically bought this year. WAY to many reissues to mention but Carcass and Boards Of Canada really looked after their fans who wanted to pick up their back catalogues on vinyl!!

I hope 2013 was as good for you as it was for me. If it wasn't? Kharma is a bitch right??

µ-Ziq – Chewed Corners
µ-Ziq - Somerset Avenue Tracks
Age Of Taurus - Desperate Souls Of Tortured Times
Akkord – Akkord
Argus - Beyond The Martyrs
Autechre – Exai
Autechre – L-Event
Barn Owl – V
Blind To Faith – Under The Heptogram
Boards Of Canada – Tomorrows Harvest
Bong – Idyl Days On The Yarn
Broadcast – Berberian Sound Studio OST
Burial – Rival Dealer
Cannibal Ox – Gotham
Carcass – Surgical Steel
Chop – Illuminate
Conan/Bongripper – Split LP
E.M.M.A – Blue Gardens
Emptyset – Recur
FIS – Homologous
Forest Swords – Engravings
Four Tet – Beautiful Rewind
Full Of Hell - Rudiments Of Mutilation
Haxan Cloak – Excavations
Hecker/Lopatin – Instrumental Tourist
Ital Tek – Control
Ital Tek – Hyper Real
John Carpenter – The Fog OST
John Carpenter – They Live OST
Kryptic Minds – Namaste
Left For Dead – Devoid Of everything
Machinedrum – Vapor City
Mark Pritchard – Ghosts
Mogwai – Les Revenants
My Bloody Valentine – MBV
Noisem – Agony Defined
Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven
Power Trip – Manifest Decimation
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Folklore Venom
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – The Plant With Many Faces
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement – Water Rose Above The Head
Raspberry Bulbs – Deformed Worship
Rival Mob – Mob Justice
Roly Porter – Life Cycle Of A Massive Star
Ruff Sqwad – White Label Classics
Seven Sisters Of Sleep – Opium Morals
TRC – Nation
Tropic Of Cancer – Restless Idyls
Zomby – With Love