Saturday, 31 December 2011

In New York

If I had to pick out one favourite record of 2011 it would have to be this. After waiting for a good few years, four years in fact, Burial finally gave us a new solo record. Trying to come up with something new and inventive after such an incredible second album was always going to be tricky but as he has proved in the past he always gets it right. Even though its only three tracks, with my favourite of them 'NYC' clocking in at at nearly 8 mins it's exactly what I had hoped for. Burial always seems to use sounds and samples he has used before and thats just fine with me as plently are used from his previous releases here.

I can't remember when it came out other than it was early on in the year but I do remember there was no info ahead of time and it just suddenly popped up out of nowhere. This is still getting plently of listens on my way to work all the time. Kode is so lucky to have this guy on his label

Here it is in all it's FLAC glory.

Burial - 'Street Halo' 12"


Sith Happens!

I have played this a good few times since getting my hands on it last week. It's a lot different to their later stuff and even has a few synths here and there and the vocals are nowhere near as harsh as they ended up on their later releases. Still slow and heavy as fuck Noothgrush all the same though.

This is an old demo recording from 1994 when they first started out and has just been given the full treatment on CD & LP by Fuck Yoga records. I am pretty sure only one track from this ended up being revamped on another release. This is a rip I had of the old demo tape and not the version Fuck Yoga just released so the quality might be slightly off here and there on this recording.


Noothgrush - Noothgrush (1994 Demo tape)


Monday, 12 December 2011

Usugrow - 'Love Hate From JP'

My girlfriend spotted this book in a local charity shop last week for a fiver and I managed to pick it up today. This dude is amazing. I have always had a soft spot for black fine pen work to be honest as its what I loved doing as a kid when I had more time to myself.

I was also surprised but hardly shocked that it was put out by Upper Playground as it's the store right near my brother Alex's house some 4000 miles away in SF, USA and I have had his wife Ashley shopping in there for me before. Alex, I know you read this so that is always a good place to be me presents from ;).

This is most probably well out of print now so good on the missus for spotting it. There is also a huge OBEY book in there which I will be grabbing this week when I have twenty quid spare to blow on a second hand book. I hid it between some bibles so it will still be there in a few days.

If somebody finally pulls their finger out their arse to do a repress of No Mercy's - 'Widespread Bloodshed...' record then this is the man who should do the artwork.

Scott Move, you will love this guys shit but I guess you already know that.

Totally Venice beach via Dogtown via Japan. Loving it, for two quid less than a packet of smokes I really scored a bargain today.

War Clouds

I have been playing this demo on REPEAT since I first heard it a few weeks back now thanks to Mattybar. Great dudes and even better music. Very NYHC influenced UKHC with Fatty from Ninebar up front & Simon from Injury Time on guitar.

Easily the best new band to come out of London in a long time. If the Breakdown 7", Sheer Terror & Knuckledust are your thing, do yourself a favour and check these out without a second thought.

Download their six track demo at the link below, you even get all the lyrics so you can sing along with Fatty. Hard as fuck. Lets hopefully see a release on Rucktion in the very near future.


As an extra bonus, here is a video of the lads playing Knuckledust's 15th Anniversary show recently.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

For the last two weeks I have had one album on rotation. I was always a big fan of 'Degenerate' by Vex'd ever since Mattybar played me it at his old gaff years ago now but this went completely under the radar due to eagerly awaiting the album 'Severant' due to drop on Planet Mu in the next week or two from the other half of Vex'd Jamie Teasdale under his new(ish) pseudonym Keudo. His old right hand man Roly Porter has obviously been keeping his new shit on the quiet while everybody else have been lapping up the last couple of Kuedo records along with the Jamie Vex'd releases and rightly so. Jamie's 'In System Travel' 12" on Planet Mu is a fucking banger and a half, 'Radiant Industry' is a fucking tune. I remember getting a white label copy before it dropped and painting my bedroom like a motherfucker to it on repeat like it was yesterday. His remix of Starkeys 'Miracles' is on point too.

Roly's record is exactly what I needed to hear right now in my life. Totally diverse in every way with everything from classical, industrial, ambient and a slight touch of Krautrock to weld it all together. The thing that didn't shock me on reading the tracklist of 'Aftertime' is Roly's love of Dune. Fuck! We all love Dune right down to Sting's codpiece and with following Vex'd for the last few years it was blatent that both Jamie & Roly are deep into Frank Herbert's classic space opera.

I played it for my girlfriend Suzanne a few nights back who will smoke anybody I know under the table (if it were a competition!) and she loved it to the point were she asked me to put it back on again, potheads! Anybody who likes Vex'd, Tangerine Dream, chilled out music and Dune in general needs to go and buy this as soon as and turn the lights down or better off! Seriously good album.

Roly Porter - 'Aftertime'


Roly Porter - Caladan

And just for good measure

Jamie Vex'd - In System Travel 12"


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Origin of Supernatural Probabilities

Some Tangerine Dreams records for your viewing pleasure. I really can't wait to finally get these and all my other records back out of storage this week.

Prague Radio

Since I have been playing the new Plaid album 'Scintilli' all week due to it being released slightly early, I thought I would post something about one of the best records they ever released 'Not For Three's'. Such a nice happy record that I must have played hundreds of times since I first bought it back in 1997. It reminds me a lot of living with a bunch of my mates in a dump of a house and the crazy parties we had pretty much every other day. Great times in my life for sure. Myopia, Lat, Fer & Ladyburst are seriously some of of my favourite songs ever.

Here you go...

Plaid - Not For Three's


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Welcome back childhood!

Fuck, I used to play this live tape every day when I was 16 years old and still know every word Kam Lee chats between songs like they are burned into my brain.

I still dream of Organon

Ever since I was a kid Kate always did something for me and no not in the way you are thinking. She was just strange and 'out there' and always seemed to do things the way she wanted to without any hassle from anybody. As much as I love all the albums that came before, Hounds Of Love is so on point. She had some HUGE hit records off this album and thats not to say the rest of the album is substandard by any means, all killer and no filler for sure. If you don't have this record in your life you should do. Its over 25 years old and sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday.

Kate Bush - The Hounds Of Love


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

We Like To Smoke Weed...

...and listen to Scream Bloody Gore. I hope thats ok with you yeah?

Feel Something

Here is another incredible record that has been in constant rotation since my brother from another Doug Fresh sent me it over last month telling me 'it's like Burial crossed with Prince'. I kinda know what he means but this made me play it instantly and I have been caining it ever since. Really fucking chilled stuff this and I only found out today the guy lives just up the M62 from me in Manchester. This dude knows his way around his bass for sure. I can see this record being up there with my favourite records of the year thats for sure. Simply lovely music.

Holy Other - With U


Skeleton Key To The Cemetary

I have played this record a few times today and can't get enough of it. Reminds me a lot of Master Killer era Merauder which doesn't surprise me as thats more than likely where the band got their name from in the first place. Loads of good chug if you are like me and thats your thing. Since they toured and had this record for sale before it was actually released there was a sketchy vinyl rip floating around so the band and label Triple B very kindly put a high quality WAV version online for free so here it is. Mosh your brains out!

Dead End Path - Blind Faith


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Been Away With Myself And I Have Seen The Total Of Two People Over 7 Days

Self imposed exile so to speak. It hasn't been the best of weeks and here is what has been floating my boat throughout along with a lot of Planet Of The Apes cartoons, red wine and weed. Something old and something new.

Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will CD
Jon Convex - Radar 12"
Cold Cave - Cherish The Light Years CD
Omega Massif - Kalt MP3s
Jesuit - Discography LP/7"
Stout - Tales From The Markside MP3s
'Unknown' - Sicko Cell 12"
Holy Other - With U MP3s
Jex Thoth - s/t CD
Skream - Exothermic Reaction 12"
The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin CD
Scorn - Refuse Start Fires LP
War Injun - Tribal Eulogy MP3s
Type-O Negative - World Coming Down CD
Suzanne Vega - Solitude Standing CD
Black Sabbath - Sabotage LP
Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal CD

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Alchohol Knows Its Gonna Win!

I remember the first time I heard this record. I was sat in a nice quiet part of Rock Ferry at a guy called Griff's house. He was just starting out with his new band Cathedral. Lee had already sent the Cathedral practice tapes to me a few months before. It was a time when there must of only been around 20-30 of us listening to this kind of slow stuff that I was aware of. Mickey Napalm was still listening to Swankys and all the Japcore stuff he had brought back from the last Napalm tour he had just done in Japan that Lee and Bill had left the band on. In short, Lee and Griff (who always prefered Van De Graaff Generator to be honest) wanted to do something different. It doesn't seem different now but fuck! back then it was. We were all still listening to Master, Devastation and even Macabre. I remember calling Bill one night at his folks house in Heswall and him telling me he had moved on from Macabre and Master. It was a long conversation.

...We move on. back to Griff. Cathedral hadn't even recorded anything to the best of my mind yet besides the rehersal tapes that Lee had mailed me but I was hanging out with Griffs girlfriend at a squat she had moved into with a few of my other friends. I get to know Griff pretty well and he plays me this band called Saint Vitus and my mind was fucking BLOWN! I had seen the posters on his walls and shit before but never took it in. I was really listening to a lot of UKHC at this point as well as a lot of Floridian death metal. I was also drinking a lot by this point by secretly being alowed into 18+ gigs. My mother must have hated me. This is another life changing record that pretty much led me into a downward spiral of heavy metal and drugs and of course DRINK.

I got to see Saint Vitus when they where Saint Vitus. When Wino was on acid and fucked beyond belief. We have laughed about it since. I still have the tape from that Liverpool show and it fucking rules. SO glad I was there.... I can't control my addiction... I've tried time and time again.

Saint Vitus - Born Too Late


Monday, 25 July 2011

Smokin' Like A Dreamer!

I had to get round to this record at some point. It Easily stands high in my top 10 favourite albums of all time. If we ever have anything to thank Nirvana for (and I am a big Nirvana fan!) its getting (the) Melvins were they are today. I am a bit lost with Melvins records these days as they seem throw them out. There was even a Dubstep mix of one of their tunes from last year which sounds as crap as you would expect it too. I will try and find it.

I can't remember who played me Gluey Porch Treatments for the first time to be honest. I had a look the other day to see what was on the B-side of the old tape I have to try and narrow it down but it has N.W.A. & The Posse on the flip with my handwriting so fuck knows. After hearing this record I saw them on the Ozma tour a few years later in front of about 100 people and it blew my tiny little teenage death metal mind apart. Just fucking crushing! I am sure they wrote GPT and Ozma at the same time. They fit together like a jigsaw.

Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments


Double drop these on your 1210's LOUD! and the gates of hell WILL open. Either that or your neighbour will kick your front door in and bang you with a golfclub for sure. Unless I am your neighbour then we could have 4 copies going at once.

And here is the MRK1 Dubstep Remix of Electric Flower. Posted the video so you dont waste your time downloading it.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stand Clear...Get Out Of My Way!

I have a lot of friends in this Hardcore community we live in (or don't as I do these days!), but these people I would consider as some of my best friends that I will have for the rest of my life. Gone are the days of me jet-setting over to Philadelphia/Baltimore/NYC and even New Jersey. I simply cannot afford it these days. Tell my little brother who lives in California that if you see him. Taking a pay cut is such a kick in the teeth but work is work. I have vinyl and alchohol addictions to pay for before I get a plane across the atlantic ocean these days. We move on...

This record is the hardest of the fucking hard. My boy Tad has to be the evilest frontman to have ever held a hardcore microphone. Its a good few years old now but and still sounds fresh as the day they recorded it. The lyrics, dear god!, Tads fucking lyrics are on another plane. Josh's guitar tone has to be the weirdest I have ever heard and I have heard all the bands he has. Truly unique. Douglas (yeah, you know who you are!) bounces the who whole thing from left to right, up and down and inbetween and well Scotty is just Scotty, you fucking smash it bro. (Stop with all the 5am drunk dialing though please!) Thank you all for putting this record into my life. I still play it once a week at least and will do do for a long time and its hard to think that all you fuck ups can record an album that is perfect in every way.

My favourite track is 'Betrayal' in case any of you wondered.

Love you all. Come visit me for a change you American cunts.

Good looking out to Matty, Tom, Pedro & Popi for giving this a wider audience too. Go Buy it you tight fucks. You wont be dissapointed.

Stout - 'Stout'


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I Have To See My Father And His People So Have Dinner Without Me

Here is a picture of me and my family. We all scrub up well right?

I love you all and don't see enough of you x

Brother Alex, Sister Sara, Mum Christine, Brother Andy, Dad Malcolm & Me

The Real Thing

I always had a soft spot for this record. Sometimes when listening to it years ago I felt like was going backwards and I was destroying every bit of great music I had every listened to. I am sure everybody has felt like that at some point in their life. I saw them once but Mike Patton wasn't in the band then. So they were kinda pointless. With an Anthem of 'We Care A Lot' they didn't really ring with me at a time when I was listening to Floridian Death Metal and didn't really care about anything, besides myself.

I still play this album all the time, at work, on headphones. It makes me work faster and happy working but then you just count your day in albums played instead of hours so and when you have tried to explain to your boss what you have done in work today and you say 'Yeah, I have listened to at least 20 albums today'. And he knows he just listened to 15 of them with me cause because he is in the zone too and doesn't notice, its funny. Disclaimer - Danny you rule but work me too hard mate. Danny must hate the music I play at work. Sorry mate, buy us a DAB radio so we can listen to Planet Rock all day. I cant work in silence.

Faith No More - The Real Thing


Hark to the pipes of Pan

Once silent member of Mount Kimbie and rightfully so now standing on his own two feet, James Blake cant put either of them wrong. This young man is putting out some great music and putting a record out on R&S must have been a childhood dream come true. That would be if he was born 15 years earlier which says a lot.

James has been nominated this week for the Mercury music prize so lets see what happens this time. I hear they dont like anything connected to Dubstep these days haha.

My good pal Doug Fresh sent me a tune off this record a few days ago and it's great when you can tell somebody with the same ears as you that you have been playing it all week.

Back on the label 'Hemlock' that put out his first record this is a complete u-turn from his last few records and certainly his LP, heres his new record. I am hooked.

James Blake - Order/Pan 12"


Saturday, 16 July 2011

I miss you Bodymore Vs The Pink Shorts


1993 was a bit of a shit year for me. One of my best friends had ran of with my girlfriend of years and I moved away from where I grew up to get away from it all. Sorry for the sob story but thats how I remember 1993.

1993 was also a good year too. My good friend Danny (Who is also now my employer) was away at sea with the Merchant Navy this year and was on home leave and brought me back two records that would change my life. I was listening to a lot of hardcore at the time along with all the Sabbath records Danny had left me with before he went away to sea. These two albums were µ-Ziq - 'Tango N' Vectif' and Autechre - 'Incunabula'. I played these albums to death. I was always a fan of electronic music growing up breakdancing listening to Bambaataa, Mantronix and Man Parrish but listening to these two records was like the future had already happened.

After playing the first Autechre album so much I waited patiently for the next record and it didn't take long for it to arrive. This album was Amber and fuck did this record blow my mind. COMPLETELY different to the first record which I later found out was just a bunch of demos they sent to Warp compiled into a record. This was a record written as an album and it just flows from start to finish. Absolute perfection in my ears. Its weird to think that have now put out around 25 records after this and I have bought every single one of them.

Enjoy it as much as I do nearly 20 years later. The things this album has seen!

EDIT - My good friend and resident sulker Mark Shegsey told me at a party the other day that it was HIM who hooked Danny up with Incunabula when he came home from sea. Cheers for ruining the romance good buddy.

Autechre - Amber


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Blasting Our Ways Through The Boundaries Of Hell

I will never believe that this is a live album. I could google it right now to find out if it really is but I dont want to ever ruin the thing I have with this record.

As soon as the dude in the aledged crowd shouts 'BLACK SABBATH!!' you know its fucking on. Somebody had to be watching unless its them overdubbing themselves. Slayer conspiracy in full effect. Anyways... Black Magic, Evil Has No Boundaries, Captor Of Sin, Agressive Perfector are all fucking hard as fuck songs. Slayer are still making music that all of us wished me made, Hardest of the hard.

Slayer - Live Undead


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Digital Rain

Like most producers who started out playing what is well known now as 'Dubstep' a lot of them have swerved the whole thing as they seem to progress with their talent. Darkstar being another example.

Zomby is another one of those guys. Well known for being an angry bastard and not showing up for gigs or trying to fight promoters to get paid, I can certainly say it doesn't show in the music he creates. I have been playing his new full length a lot at work these last few weeks as it certainly takes my mind of the job while I crack on with the monotony of it all. Strangely he is signed to 4AD now so with the Dubstep bubble now being burst big labels must now be paying good attention to the big hitters and Zomby is right up there with the best of them.

Expect a few more posts about Zomby. I will try and put together a thing about the best of his 12"s I have shelled out for over the last few years for sure

Zomby - Dedication


"Watch The Lizard!"

Some might call this album a guilty pleasure and I will tell you right now there is nothing guilty about listening to music that you love while everybody else thinks its not 'cool'. This album has been with me since before my teens and I still play it pretty often to this day and will do till the end of time. I know for one Josh has a soft spot for this album.

The track 'She Chameleon' still blows me away like it was the first time I heard it and the ending title track is still as nasty as it was when I was 12 years old. Give it a go and feel no guilt. Why would you? The artwork could be me at many moments of my life in the last 25 years or so since I first heard it too.

Marillion - Fugazi


Thursday, 30 June 2011

Seven Door's Of Death - The Beyond

This has to be Fulci's masterpiece. The opening scene still creeps me the fuck out and is only bettered by the end scene. What happens inbetween is rotten. A classic Italian splatterfest which unlike most films of the time actually had a great storyline to boot.

Argento must have been shitting his pants!

Somebody needs to start a band called 'Ungodly Warlock'.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

"It's Hard To Forget What We Haven't Done Yet"

I played this CD a lot when it first came out last year then even more when it was finally released on vinyl a few months later. Seriously heavy album. I guess you can call it Witch House or drag or any other label you can think of but these guys (and girl!) are way ahead of their game especially when it comes to production. Dark as hell screwed Hip Hop 808's laced with nasty synths and speaker killing bass. I would even go as far to say this is one of my favourite records of the last few years and will be playing it for a long time to come. Make sure you give it a listen if you haven't already.

Salem - King Night


The Delights Of Hell

I watched this great BBC documentary film about Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch a couple of nights ago. For anybody interested in art and weird shit it's a must watch. Enjoy!

Never Make A Change

Alongside the Breakdown 7" this is pretty much my all time favourite record to ever come out of New York City. Angry, raw and pretty sloppy in parts which just adds to the greatness of it. Released in 1988 on Combined Effort and re-pressed later on by Vermiform.

Lets just hope a real discography eventually does see the light of day sometime in the near future.

Life's Blood - Defiance 7"


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Under Siege

When I was younger I had things way too easy. Bands like Doom, Godflesh, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Stupids, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Deviated Instinct etc would play on our doorstep every week and it was a simple task of showing up and getting drunk and enjoying shit thanks to Underseige Promotions which was sorted by Pek & Pete C. I was so lucky to have these times in my life.

Said club was PLANET X in Liverpool. Anyways, to cut a long story short. The club was left abandoned for years unwanted and awaiting demolision but... an old school skater & gig promoter from Liverpool who shall remain nameless for legal reasons thought it was time to revisit our past and sort that shit out.

A crew of us broke in one night and the place was a complete mess. Horrible. We scoped out the place and everybody agreed something could happen.

The place was fucked and heres how it went.

So it was all go. Clean the place up and have one last gig here before the place was bulldozed.

New Years Eve was the plan and everything fell into place. A van was parked close on the kerb over the broken in door and customers walked in through the back doors and out the side door of the van right into the venue. Genious.

We were treated to great bands. Walk The Plank & Down and Outs. Who could have wanted for more. The landlord for the night had set up a ton of strip lights over the old stage and generators to power this thing and it was a unforgetable night. The only thing missing was the disco at the end which will will never be missed. Good fucking times!

As much as we had our differences Pek. Thanks for every band I ever saw at both Planet X's. RIP

Down & Outs - 'Boys From The Blackstuff'