Monday, 25 July 2011

Smokin' Like A Dreamer!

I had to get round to this record at some point. It Easily stands high in my top 10 favourite albums of all time. If we ever have anything to thank Nirvana for (and I am a big Nirvana fan!) its getting (the) Melvins were they are today. I am a bit lost with Melvins records these days as they seem throw them out. There was even a Dubstep mix of one of their tunes from last year which sounds as crap as you would expect it too. I will try and find it.

I can't remember who played me Gluey Porch Treatments for the first time to be honest. I had a look the other day to see what was on the B-side of the old tape I have to try and narrow it down but it has N.W.A. & The Posse on the flip with my handwriting so fuck knows. After hearing this record I saw them on the Ozma tour a few years later in front of about 100 people and it blew my tiny little teenage death metal mind apart. Just fucking crushing! I am sure they wrote GPT and Ozma at the same time. They fit together like a jigsaw.

Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments


Double drop these on your 1210's LOUD! and the gates of hell WILL open. Either that or your neighbour will kick your front door in and bang you with a golfclub for sure. Unless I am your neighbour then we could have 4 copies going at once.

And here is the MRK1 Dubstep Remix of Electric Flower. Posted the video so you dont waste your time downloading it.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stand Clear...Get Out Of My Way!

I have a lot of friends in this Hardcore community we live in (or don't as I do these days!), but these people I would consider as some of my best friends that I will have for the rest of my life. Gone are the days of me jet-setting over to Philadelphia/Baltimore/NYC and even New Jersey. I simply cannot afford it these days. Tell my little brother who lives in California that if you see him. Taking a pay cut is such a kick in the teeth but work is work. I have vinyl and alchohol addictions to pay for before I get a plane across the atlantic ocean these days. We move on...

This record is the hardest of the fucking hard. My boy Tad has to be the evilest frontman to have ever held a hardcore microphone. Its a good few years old now but and still sounds fresh as the day they recorded it. The lyrics, dear god!, Tads fucking lyrics are on another plane. Josh's guitar tone has to be the weirdest I have ever heard and I have heard all the bands he has. Truly unique. Douglas (yeah, you know who you are!) bounces the who whole thing from left to right, up and down and inbetween and well Scotty is just Scotty, you fucking smash it bro. (Stop with all the 5am drunk dialing though please!) Thank you all for putting this record into my life. I still play it once a week at least and will do do for a long time and its hard to think that all you fuck ups can record an album that is perfect in every way.

My favourite track is 'Betrayal' in case any of you wondered.

Love you all. Come visit me for a change you American cunts.

Good looking out to Matty, Tom, Pedro & Popi for giving this a wider audience too. Go Buy it you tight fucks. You wont be dissapointed.

Stout - 'Stout'


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I Have To See My Father And His People So Have Dinner Without Me

Here is a picture of me and my family. We all scrub up well right?

I love you all and don't see enough of you x

Brother Alex, Sister Sara, Mum Christine, Brother Andy, Dad Malcolm & Me

The Real Thing

I always had a soft spot for this record. Sometimes when listening to it years ago I felt like was going backwards and I was destroying every bit of great music I had every listened to. I am sure everybody has felt like that at some point in their life. I saw them once but Mike Patton wasn't in the band then. So they were kinda pointless. With an Anthem of 'We Care A Lot' they didn't really ring with me at a time when I was listening to Floridian Death Metal and didn't really care about anything, besides myself.

I still play this album all the time, at work, on headphones. It makes me work faster and happy working but then you just count your day in albums played instead of hours so and when you have tried to explain to your boss what you have done in work today and you say 'Yeah, I have listened to at least 20 albums today'. And he knows he just listened to 15 of them with me cause because he is in the zone too and doesn't notice, its funny. Disclaimer - Danny you rule but work me too hard mate. Danny must hate the music I play at work. Sorry mate, buy us a DAB radio so we can listen to Planet Rock all day. I cant work in silence.

Faith No More - The Real Thing


Hark to the pipes of Pan

Once silent member of Mount Kimbie and rightfully so now standing on his own two feet, James Blake cant put either of them wrong. This young man is putting out some great music and putting a record out on R&S must have been a childhood dream come true. That would be if he was born 15 years earlier which says a lot.

James has been nominated this week for the Mercury music prize so lets see what happens this time. I hear they dont like anything connected to Dubstep these days haha.

My good pal Doug Fresh sent me a tune off this record a few days ago and it's great when you can tell somebody with the same ears as you that you have been playing it all week.

Back on the label 'Hemlock' that put out his first record this is a complete u-turn from his last few records and certainly his LP, heres his new record. I am hooked.

James Blake - Order/Pan 12"


Saturday, 16 July 2011

I miss you Bodymore Vs The Pink Shorts


1993 was a bit of a shit year for me. One of my best friends had ran of with my girlfriend of years and I moved away from where I grew up to get away from it all. Sorry for the sob story but thats how I remember 1993.

1993 was also a good year too. My good friend Danny (Who is also now my employer) was away at sea with the Merchant Navy this year and was on home leave and brought me back two records that would change my life. I was listening to a lot of hardcore at the time along with all the Sabbath records Danny had left me with before he went away to sea. These two albums were µ-Ziq - 'Tango N' Vectif' and Autechre - 'Incunabula'. I played these albums to death. I was always a fan of electronic music growing up breakdancing listening to Bambaataa, Mantronix and Man Parrish but listening to these two records was like the future had already happened.

After playing the first Autechre album so much I waited patiently for the next record and it didn't take long for it to arrive. This album was Amber and fuck did this record blow my mind. COMPLETELY different to the first record which I later found out was just a bunch of demos they sent to Warp compiled into a record. This was a record written as an album and it just flows from start to finish. Absolute perfection in my ears. Its weird to think that have now put out around 25 records after this and I have bought every single one of them.

Enjoy it as much as I do nearly 20 years later. The things this album has seen!

EDIT - My good friend and resident sulker Mark Shegsey told me at a party the other day that it was HIM who hooked Danny up with Incunabula when he came home from sea. Cheers for ruining the romance good buddy.

Autechre - Amber


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Blasting Our Ways Through The Boundaries Of Hell

I will never believe that this is a live album. I could google it right now to find out if it really is but I dont want to ever ruin the thing I have with this record.

As soon as the dude in the aledged crowd shouts 'BLACK SABBATH!!' you know its fucking on. Somebody had to be watching unless its them overdubbing themselves. Slayer conspiracy in full effect. Anyways... Black Magic, Evil Has No Boundaries, Captor Of Sin, Agressive Perfector are all fucking hard as fuck songs. Slayer are still making music that all of us wished me made, Hardest of the hard.

Slayer - Live Undead


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Digital Rain

Like most producers who started out playing what is well known now as 'Dubstep' a lot of them have swerved the whole thing as they seem to progress with their talent. Darkstar being another example.

Zomby is another one of those guys. Well known for being an angry bastard and not showing up for gigs or trying to fight promoters to get paid, I can certainly say it doesn't show in the music he creates. I have been playing his new full length a lot at work these last few weeks as it certainly takes my mind of the job while I crack on with the monotony of it all. Strangely he is signed to 4AD now so with the Dubstep bubble now being burst big labels must now be paying good attention to the big hitters and Zomby is right up there with the best of them.

Expect a few more posts about Zomby. I will try and put together a thing about the best of his 12"s I have shelled out for over the last few years for sure

Zomby - Dedication


"Watch The Lizard!"

Some might call this album a guilty pleasure and I will tell you right now there is nothing guilty about listening to music that you love while everybody else thinks its not 'cool'. This album has been with me since before my teens and I still play it pretty often to this day and will do till the end of time. I know for one Josh has a soft spot for this album.

The track 'She Chameleon' still blows me away like it was the first time I heard it and the ending title track is still as nasty as it was when I was 12 years old. Give it a go and feel no guilt. Why would you? The artwork could be me at many moments of my life in the last 25 years or so since I first heard it too.

Marillion - Fugazi