Sunday, 11 September 2011

Origin of Supernatural Probabilities

Some Tangerine Dreams records for your viewing pleasure. I really can't wait to finally get these and all my other records back out of storage this week.

Prague Radio

Since I have been playing the new Plaid album 'Scintilli' all week due to it being released slightly early, I thought I would post something about one of the best records they ever released 'Not For Three's'. Such a nice happy record that I must have played hundreds of times since I first bought it back in 1997. It reminds me a lot of living with a bunch of my mates in a dump of a house and the crazy parties we had pretty much every other day. Great times in my life for sure. Myopia, Lat, Fer & Ladyburst are seriously some of of my favourite songs ever.

Here you go...

Plaid - Not For Three's