Saturday, 31 December 2011

In New York

If I had to pick out one favourite record of 2011 it would have to be this. After waiting for a good few years, four years in fact, Burial finally gave us a new solo record. Trying to come up with something new and inventive after such an incredible second album was always going to be tricky but as he has proved in the past he always gets it right. Even though its only three tracks, with my favourite of them 'NYC' clocking in at at nearly 8 mins it's exactly what I had hoped for. Burial always seems to use sounds and samples he has used before and thats just fine with me as plently are used from his previous releases here.

I can't remember when it came out other than it was early on in the year but I do remember there was no info ahead of time and it just suddenly popped up out of nowhere. This is still getting plently of listens on my way to work all the time. Kode is so lucky to have this guy on his label

Here it is in all it's FLAC glory.

Burial - 'Street Halo' 12"


Sith Happens!

I have played this a good few times since getting my hands on it last week. It's a lot different to their later stuff and even has a few synths here and there and the vocals are nowhere near as harsh as they ended up on their later releases. Still slow and heavy as fuck Noothgrush all the same though.

This is an old demo recording from 1994 when they first started out and has just been given the full treatment on CD & LP by Fuck Yoga records. I am pretty sure only one track from this ended up being revamped on another release. This is a rip I had of the old demo tape and not the version Fuck Yoga just released so the quality might be slightly off here and there on this recording.


Noothgrush - Noothgrush (1994 Demo tape)


Monday, 12 December 2011

Usugrow - 'Love Hate From JP'

My girlfriend spotted this book in a local charity shop last week for a fiver and I managed to pick it up today. This dude is amazing. I have always had a soft spot for black fine pen work to be honest as its what I loved doing as a kid when I had more time to myself.

I was also surprised but hardly shocked that it was put out by Upper Playground as it's the store right near my brother Alex's house some 4000 miles away in SF, USA and I have had his wife Ashley shopping in there for me before. Alex, I know you read this so that is always a good place to be me presents from ;).

This is most probably well out of print now so good on the missus for spotting it. There is also a huge OBEY book in there which I will be grabbing this week when I have twenty quid spare to blow on a second hand book. I hid it between some bibles so it will still be there in a few days.

If somebody finally pulls their finger out their arse to do a repress of No Mercy's - 'Widespread Bloodshed...' record then this is the man who should do the artwork.

Scott Move, you will love this guys shit but I guess you already know that.

Totally Venice beach via Dogtown via Japan. Loving it, for two quid less than a packet of smokes I really scored a bargain today.

War Clouds

I have been playing this demo on REPEAT since I first heard it a few weeks back now thanks to Mattybar. Great dudes and even better music. Very NYHC influenced UKHC with Fatty from Ninebar up front & Simon from Injury Time on guitar.

Easily the best new band to come out of London in a long time. If the Breakdown 7", Sheer Terror & Knuckledust are your thing, do yourself a favour and check these out without a second thought.

Download their six track demo at the link below, you even get all the lyrics so you can sing along with Fatty. Hard as fuck. Lets hopefully see a release on Rucktion in the very near future.


As an extra bonus, here is a video of the lads playing Knuckledust's 15th Anniversary show recently.