Monday, 27 February 2012

The Age Of Aquarius

I could seriously write an essay about this record as I know the thing the thing upside down, left to right and everything in between. This record, in my humble opinion as a music listener is up there with anything anybody created musically and changed the way music happened. I have listened to a lot of music and I still worship this record. It is hard to go into details about certain songs without talking about the emotions I have been through since it's release. I can safely say it is one of my favourite records of all time and it has always been there for me when I have been down to lift me back up again.

If you know it, then you know it. If you don't? Give it a shot and I hope it will inspire your life like it has mine. Classical music for the chaotic world we all live in today.

Boards Of Canada - 'Music Has The Right To Children'


A Couple Of Flyers From Gigs I Went To As A Kid

I have tons of flyers from gigs I went to from when I was a kid to the present day all sitting in a box. Seeing as I don't really go to many these days due to various reasons I will start throwing a few up here now and again when I haven't got anything else to say. Here are some I found online of gigs I attended in my youth. Good times were had. Dingus was around 13-14 years old coming to some of these shows.

I also have a ton of tapes from Planet X I will start digging through and try and upload but ripping tapes is a major pain in the arse.

These are all from between 88 and 90 in order (I think!)

So I live off the grid. No phone, no address. No one and nothing can find me

Here is another 12" that is still getting a lot of play from me a good time after it was released be it on a turntable or on my ipod . Millions Of Moments/MOM's first release, the 'Will Be' EP from Eastern Europeans Lostlojic & Bisweed released in June of last year. I couldn't even pin this down to a genre because it is pretty much standing alone out there but I guess you could call it European Dark Garage.

This record would have gone completely under my radar if Dougie hadn't have given me the heads up on it and I am so glad he did. 4 incredible tracks here but I have to say it's the last 2 tracks that do it for me. Check it out even for the Terminator 3 and Will Smith samples alone.

Great music to play on the train to work at 7am in the morning for sure

Lostlojic & Bisweed - 'Will Be' EP


To Yog Sothoth They Moan

Whilst we are in the mood for some metal and I haven't posted much at all lately here is a tape I have had for well over 20 years. It's a killer practice tape from 1984 by one of my favourite bands ever, Celtic Frost. For a rehearsal tape the sound is pretty impressive even off my old tape. Raw as fuck and tight as hell. To start things off they even play the best song Hellhammer ever wrote 'Messiah' before ripping through all the classics from the first record we all love so much. Enjoy it like I have for years and will do for many more.

Celtic Frost - Rehearsal Tape 1984


Also seeing as we are on the subject of Celtic Frost, here is a picture of the new jacket I put together just before Christmas. It's just a shame it has been too fucking cold to wear the damn thing yet.

Anybody whose a fan should definately check out the documentary 'A Dying God' from the Monotheist tour too. It's a great document of where their heads were at before their egos imploded the band once again.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Sightless Herd

I have played this demo by Nigh from Texas a good few times this evening. Total Entombed worship for sure with some slower pace thrown in for good measure. Great recording for a first effort too. I am sure a decent label will snap them up quick smart. Looking forward to hearing more from them.

Nigh - Demo 2012


Friday, 10 February 2012

The answer's simple, You're a scanner

I must have played this release at least five times today on the train to and from work. Distance has been putting out incredible records on his Chestplate label for a good few years now but its only with his last couple of releases that he has ventured from his own tunes and a few friends and started putting out records from pretty much unknown dudes. Last years release by District is still getting played alot by me and this new installment by Sleeper looks like its going to get played until I wear the fucker out or the Mrs gets sick of hearing it. Both tracks are repetative as hell and dark as fuck. Seriously looking forward to his next record which is apparently with District.

Sleeper - Zombies/Scanners 12"


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Here comes... DREDD!

2000 AD was 35 years old last week so...

Looking forward to the new film!