Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Some more flyers from when I was a kid

So here are some more flyers of gigs I attended in my youth. It does say in small print under Discharge on the Discharge flyer '...will not be playing this gig'. I am also pretty certain that Cathedral ended up playing the S.O.B. gig which was also the first time they played anywhere. Not 100% though, it could have been another time. It was also pretty weird watching C.O.C. setting up with Black Sabbath posters sellotaped to their amps and then playing music which nobody expected and everybody hated!

Future Barbarian

I came across Matt Akers music only this afternoon whilst browsing the Cinemaggedon forums. I have to say I am loving it and have played his self released 'The Future Barbarians' CD-R a couple of times already today. If you are a fan of Zombi, Frizzi, Carpenter or Gatekeeper this is right up your alley.

From Matt... "I record all analog (no midi or sampling) synthesizer driven songs inspired partly from 70's/80's horror/sci-fi/crime films as well as krautrock, early techno, italo-disco, war-torn jungles, cynical mercenaries, chain smoking detectives, and savage cyborgs. I have 2 releases out now, "The Future Barbarians" CD-R and "The Elders Of New Detroit" C20.

James Plotkin is currently mastering my LP, hoping for a release at the beginning of summer.

I'm recording an EP for Out Of Body Records called "A History Of Arson" right now. Should be done with it this week.

Also have a tape that just came out of a side project called Ancient Scrolls. 2 long songs evoking the atmosphere of a 5th generation vhs dub of a grindhouse flick. Undead serial killer climbing out of a NYC sewer after a summer storm, stalking his next trophy."


Matthew Akers - The Future Barbarians




Prove You Wrong

Here is the great 7" that recently came out on Lockin' Out Records by Power Trip from Texas. Killer crossover thrash with a cover of Prong's 'Brainwave' to boot. Not my favourite Prong track by any means but these dudes still give it their best. Loving the stompy Slayer bit on the track 'Divine Apprehension'. Three tracks all together. You can still get it from the label but the band put it up for free download so there you go.

When I hear the name Power Trip it always reminds me of the Powerhouse song.

Power Trip - S/T 7"


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Movies That Never Where

Here is a brilliant record released by Skam a few years ago now by a dude from Blackpool who goes under the moniker of VHS Head. I have found myself revisiting it a lot over the last six months most likely down to the fact that there has still been no new Boards Of Canada record released and besides the Kuedo album I guess this is the next best thing. It's pretty mental and has a lot of different shit going on in it but I find it great music for when you are on the move. Anyways, highly recommended if you like glitchy music, chopped up 80's movie theme samples and walking around with a smile on your face.

VHS Head - Trademark Ribbons Of Gold


Monday, 16 April 2012

World Of Ygam

One of my favourite songs ever playing over one of my favourite films ever.

Everybody needs to watch La Planete Sauvage at least once in their lifetime.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

In The Wake Of Chronos

So god knows why but I have put off giving these guys a listen for a while now but after finishing a 20 hour shift at 7am this morning after running fibre obtics through Manchester's Trafford Centre all night, this mornings train journey home seemed like the perfect time to chill out and take it all in and it completely blew me away. I don't know too much about Demdike Stare other than they are two vinyl junkies who like to build their songs with old records and samplers but they are seriously ahead of their game and the only other name I can come up with who also does it so well is Leyland Kirby. I wouldn't know what to call it to be honest but if you had to nail it down I guess you could call it some kind of Dubby Library shit but who cares it's fucking brilliant.

I am now seriously gutted now that I missed out on the four part vinyl version of this which I could have picked up easily at the time and is now sold out. Oh well, I can make do with the 2 CD version I guess which I just noticed has a bunch of alternative versions on. I will more than likely pick up everything else I can find by them on the same order too.

I am back on the train in a few hours for another long night in Manchester so lets see how well it goes down on the way over there after a good days sleep, a nice hot bath and some nice hot food before I am completely shattered again.

Demdike Stare - Elemental