Friday, 25 May 2012

Welcome To The Terror Ave

I was going to post this up a while back but after asking Joey if it was ok to do so and it just slipped my mind to be honest. With the recent passing of guitarist Gregg I thought anybody and everybody who hasn't heard this NEEDS too.

I first heard Terror Ave when my good friend Allison came to visit me in Liverpool around 2004 and brought me a bag FULL of goodies which included a Super Troopers DVD, an old school Billy Club Sandwich shirt from one of my boys in the band, a weird gravity bong, tons of munchies and a tape from a band called Terror Ave. I don't have the tape to hand (but do still have it, I never EVER sell my shit!) or I would of put a picture up. Anyways, it blew me the fuck away. The band was made up of dudes from my boys from Everybody Gets Hurt and also had Joey who was the original singer for Full Blown Chaos on the second mic. Hard as fuck, bass all over the place crunchy new school NYHC at its finest. Kids these days are all about the 'Intro'. This band have THE intro that makes you want break everything in sight!

These dudes are good people and ALWAYS hooked me up with whatever I needed while I was in NYC. If I needed weed, it was there for free. If I needed a ride from NYC to Queens it was there. A place to stay? I had one and I will never forget that guys. Good friends indeed who I have thought a lot about these last couple of weeks and the good times we always had together if it was in NY or in England. My thoughts are with all you guys and girls and your family's.

Rest in Peace Lil' Gregg

Terror Ave. - Crownholders


True Till Death

Summer is here so its about that time to bust out the old generic Rev Chain Of Strength shirt for beer garden drinking.

Brian (pictured with me) wouldn't even have a clue who Chain Of Strength even were. I once remember eons ago Bilso laughing at me in jest saying 'what the hell are you doing wearing that' haha. I need to start bitching at kids who are straight edge wearing Saint Vitus shirts or maybe not. Who gives a fuck? Not me.

Solitary Traveller

Being a big Floor fan, I have of course also been a huge fan of Torche since the first record. I have great memories of Meanderthal being played on repeat on its release when Khaled drove us to Amsterdam a few years ago and that record will forever remind me of the great times we had on that trip before everything all got a bit blurry as you can imagine. Matty and Khaled already look a bit blazed in this picture and we were only on the ferry crossing at that point!

As much as I loved 'Songs For Singles', the new record 'Harmonicraft' steps up the game even more! After doing a week of night shifts working away this is the perfect record to finally wind down, sit in the garden and enjoy the perfect weather everybody else has been enjoying all week. Music to make you smile. The artwork is brilliant and reminds me of Yellow Submarine for some reason and the record also came with some weird, trippy slipmat which was a nice touch. Give it a listen, I don't think you could be dissapointed

Torche - Harmonicraft


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

'Hey, Black, night time is sad. Guess it's because the dark makes me think about dying'

White finally gets to where he is going. This is pretty much my favourite Plaid song ever and there are plenty to chose from. Tekkonkinkreet is an incredible film made by American Michael Arias in Japan.

Trying to get hold of this CD was a total nightmare as it was only released in Japan and you know how hard it is to order something off a Japanese website. After a year or so and me pretty much having given up, a copy popped up on Ebay and I bit the £40 bullet and bought it. My copy has different arwork to what I have posted below which is kind of a silver, even metallic cover with no text on the front. Anyways, Plaid did an amazing job on the score so check it out for yourself.

Plaid - Tekkonkinkreet OST


Friday, 18 May 2012

Yeah, I got a chip on my shoulder

Choke was rocking an '...Amerikkka's Most Wanted' Ice Cube trucker hat. The gig was so violent we had to put Dingus on top of the speaker stacks and a very young Howard Cooke sang a song. Mooney was straight edge, Kelly was king and Lecky wore a leather jacket. Things where so different back then. I hear Mooney is straight edge again. Good for you mate. Brian Sayle, you have the tape so give it up. I will trade you for Saint Vitus bud

Drink The Wine, They Are Coming With Flamethrowers

My dad once asked me many years ago what my specialist subject would be on Mastermind and my instant reply was 'Floridian Death Metal 1985-1992'. Magnus would certainly have to have a good team of researchers to outsmart me on this topic. My dad knowing my love of history and archeology was obviously dissapointed but no fucks where given.

This record is by no means even in the top five recordings that ever came out of the Florida scene. It is messy, ugly and very poorly played with some of the worst drumming ever but fuck is it EVIL. Yes it is. I could have put the Amon demo's up instead but I didn't. This record is just rotten to the core. I never met Glen Benton and never really want to. I have heard story's from a certain Scottish gig promoter that the dude is a big girl in the flesh so lets not smash the mythology my long haired 16 year old self once believed in. If only it was all true. Ugly music for ugly times

It's been written....

Deicide - Deicide


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Mans Real Best Friend

Will always think about you Scout. Miss and love you babes x x x