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Bearing The BRUNT!

This was the first time I ever visited CBGB. I flew 3000 miles to see Darkside NYC and the whole weekend is pretty much a blur as I was pretty drunk and this is the first time I have ever seen any evidence of it.

As much as I love the full length 'Ambitions Make Way For Dread' I fucking LOVE the 7". Total Frost/Sheer Terror worship at its best with plenty of other shit going on to keep you on your toes. I only have a copy on black so if anybody wants to trade me a copy on white get in touch please.

I have heard a handful of tracks from the upcoming not one but TWO full lengths that will hopefully see the light of day this year (Optimism Is Self-Deception Volumes 1 & 2) on Satan Wears Suspenders Records and they take shit to a whole new level of heaviness.

Nasty stuff!

Darkside NYC - Suffer in Silence 7"


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Sunday, 8 July 2012

From Queens To Japan...

Thank you to Ms. Allison Abriss for hooking me up with this years ago. It was originally meant for an issue of Matty and Fatty's zine but never happened. I think it's about time that it finally sees the light of day instead of sitting on a computer doing nothing. An old interview with Everybody Gets Hurt from Queens, NYC. Classic stuff. I love you assholes.

Allison.... This is where I tell ’em I got an interview for ’em and Rob goes into a typical Vato Rob Rant. In the room other than me and the band is....

Tokyo Blue: I’ma tear them a new asshole. They are like the only society to have physically gotten worse in the last 1000 years. Everyone else has improved and gained like ya’ know weight height, structure resistance…

Pettite: Why because they used to like rule the world and shit?

Rob: Ohh no no, like physically in the year 1000 they like dug up bones of the English and their teeth were like perfect they had like really big husky guys now they are like all small and skinny..

Allison: There are some pretty big kids in England though…

Rob: Yeah that’s some of ’em but a lot of ’em are like shot…

Tokyo Blue: (says something I can’t tell….)

Rob: I could give a rat’s ass… fuck those dirty fuckin’ limey bastards…. (Chris you hit this?)

Pettit: Now they got bad teeth…

Rob: Now they are skinny and small like me what the fucks goin’ on over there…its from being up each others assholes in London…

Tom: What’s up with the interview?

Allison: Yes…..


1. EGH has been going for a long time. Had you all been playing in bands before forming EGH? How did the original lineup come together and who is in the band now?

Rob: you recording?

Allison: Yeah it’s been recording.

Rob: Wait you got me taped and yelling at the English kids?

Allison: I’m not gunna put that on there haha.

Rob: Why not?! It’s funny…

Allison: HAHA OK..

Rob: Put it so that I don’t know that I said it on tape so they think I am a candid American….

Allison: Now answer the DAMNED question!

Rob: Ok the Question, EGH are a bunch of mysterious men that formed from the four winds there are 4 of us left and no one know where we come from or why we do this nonsense but we will be in London soon, Thank you. Now any one wanna answer seriously please proceed to do so.

Chris: yo, Rob Cullen on the Vocals, Tom Murphy on the Drums, Steve Pettite on the Guitar and Chris B on Bass and this shit goes out to our whole England crew down there man, Knuckledust, NineBar, and Maldito and the TRC Boys…

Rob: Hey don’t forget Alex

Chris: aiyo, Alex bro…

Allison: Aldito?

Chris: Aldito, Maldito..

2. You have been on the road quite a lot covering Europe and just recently Japan. How has the response been around the globe? Were there any places you particularly enjoyed or hated? Tell us a good tour story. And are you planning on coming back anytime soon?

Chris: Well we met Joey Fatchiugats in Bavaria I think that’s the ultimate tour story

Tom and everyone laughs

Chris: The Fatch himself…

Tom: The Man himself…

Rob: I would like to say my favorite spot is anywhere in Japan because they know how to treat you like a gentleman. Unlike like the rest of these fuckin uncivilized nations. Europe is a bunch of filthy heathens, and the States (tom laughs) are 40x worse. So if I could give big ups to my people in Japan, thank you. KONICHI FUCKIN WA!

Chris: I just wanna say everywhere we ever went has treated us like fuckin family and shit man. We’re an underground band and we really respect that shit, and everywhere has treated us equally man they all fuckin mosh it up hard all over the world man and respect to the worlds hardcore scenes for ya know payin respect to an underground band like us

Allison: You are going back soon right? When?

Chris: We are going back for what we call the redemption tour of Europe May 14th through the 22nd.

Allison: Where are you going to be hitting up?

Chris: Germany…

Rob: The usual spots, we’ll be in Amsterdam for at least 3 out of the 10 fuckin’ days we’re there..

Chris: we’ll be in the Netherlands

Rob: we gotta get plenty of weed do things proper, skin em up for our English friends. I dunno if we are going to England because you bastards are a bunch of fuckin expensive pieces of trash

Chris: Yeah…its real expensive to get over to England

Rob: Ya gotta take a fuckin ferry for like 750 fuckin pounds or some shit ya know, give an American Joe a break for Christ sake…

Allison: Yo, I hear it..

Rob: We’re your bastard cousins hook us up!

Chris: We’re gunna be in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, hopefully tryin to get out to Poland

Rob: You’re really quiet tonight Tom, you haven’t answered any questions

Chris: I am very excited too because we are about to play Puerto Rico

Allison: Your going down there with Sworn Enemy, Billy Club Sandwich and Irate, almost 5 fingers of death style, right?

Chris: Yo those are our brother bands man, we call ourselves the 5 Fingers of death one a the fingers got cut off and now its Everybody Gets Hurt, Irate, Billy Club Sandwich, Sworn Enemy and shit we’re going to Puerto Rico man its gunna be fun…we wanna get down to England soon though

3. How is the band going back home? How has the response to the CD been and have you played anywhere good recently? Any bands from out of town to look out for?

Rob: Lets see the CD was real good, kids always like took care of us ya know we got the same bunch of creeps in NY. NY is a funny scene but uh, Outta state ya know we get a lotta nice responses. People come out check out our stuff ya know they are actually kinda nice to us

Tom: Baltimore

Rob: Baltimore is home away from home.

Allison: Any bands from Baltimore that kids should look out for?

Steve: look out for Terror Ave

Allison: That’s not from Baltimore that’s from NY!!

Tom: NINEONEWAR!! (Another NY band)

Allison: UT UT! Is that supposed to be dropped yet?! NINEONEWAR is coming!

Steve: Slumloards

Rob: AIY! Jeff Breakdown! Slumlords!

Chris: Check out Stout from Baltimore

Rob: Who else ya got down there?! Ya got those other creeps Wake Up Cold, that bastard JR piece of crap he is

Chris: that’s from the roots of Next Step Up you guys gotta check that out

Rob: Allison, You better not edit out any of my thought or speeches I want the English people to get it the way it deserves to be heard

Allison: They’ll get that part too that you just said

Chris: Backhand from Baltimore stepping up now too, it’s a really great scene down in Baltimore man they really treat us great down there, love that shit

4. EGH is a band that very much embraces violent dancing as part of hardcore. You boys started at a time when the NY scene was practically dead due to gang violence. Are songs like SOIA's 'What Goin on' with lyrics like "chains to knives and guns" an accurate portrayal of things back then?

Rob: I don’t give a fuck what SOIA says. They are makin plenty of bread and I’m not, so I don’t care what they tell me they can kiss my fuckin skinny ass. As for violent dancing, let the kids do whatever the fuck they want. They wanna punch each other in the face let em punch each other in the face. Somebody will get mad and settle it up, or they will go home and have a beer and smoke a joint, either way I don’t really care. Chris Benetos your feelings?

Chris: It’s all about having fun man, we just goin to have fun in their man. And if you wanna fight in the club, don’t fight in the club because that’s what kills shows. (Rob: Fight outside) yeah, go outside man. And SOIA has been around for a long time they’re a real good band

5. What influences your music and lyrics, both musically and in life?

Rob: Sick of it all, they influence me (laughs) uhh I dunno…

Tom: What’s the question!? Haha

Rob: What influences your band for Christ’s sakes?

Allison: What gives you musical influence?

Tom: Weed, Black Sabbath

Chris: We like weed and beer, Black Sabbath..


Chris: SOIA, bad brains

Rob: don’t forget those guys, GI Joe Head Stomp ya know they have all the songs

Chris: We just try to take it to another level man, no ya know tryin to do the same thing like everyone did before. Just tryin to do something different strum a different a different way do a different lick ya know

Rob: Ya know I have very emotional lyrics but I don’t have to be called an Emo guy to tell ya how I feel fir Christ sakes ya know what I mean we try to diversify. I got things about bats and hoods and then I shit about ya girlfriend rippin out ya testicles and makin ya feel like a fuckin half a fag. I go all spectrums, I’m talking bout God and fuckin ugly shit, we got all kinds of stuff gotta diversify

6. EGH has a very traditional NYHC sound bringing to mind bands from old comps like 'Where The Wild Things Are', while a lot of bands these days seem to be either metalcore or straight old school. Are you particularly influenced by any metal bands? What do you think of the current old school 'revival' with a lot of bands reverting to that straight ahead style of hardcore?

Rob: I think the straight ahead style of HC is fuckin boring as sin and I think they should cut it out its annoying, get the fuckin 88-93 style of HC where ya had fuckin nice fast shit good breakdowns and that’s the way it was and the way it should be. Sheer Terror, Breakdown, Cro-Mags, Gorilla Biscuits

Allison: Any metal influence?

Rob: Metal influence? Sure! Slayer there’s an influence for everyone to enjoy.

Chris: Black Sabbath definitely

Rob: Ya don’t have Slayer w/o Black Sabbath ya know what I am saying…

Steve: Cryptopsy

Rob: Cryptopsy?! Nobody listens to that band...

Everyone laughs

Steve: naw I don’t like that shit….

Chris: A lotta old southern rock Skynyrd

Steve: what did he compare us to?

Allison: Bands on the comp where the wild things are

Rob: Man its right behind you, we got that poster right on the god damned wall.

Steve: So he’s saying that EGH sounds like…..??

Allison: EGH has a very traditional NYHC sound bringing to mind bands from old comps like 'Where The Wild Things Are'

Steve: Ohh that’s cool that’s cool…. Like the poster on the wall (haha)

Chris: the poster on the wall…

Allison: (pointing) That poster…

Rob: Very nice very nice…to Allison) you’ll have to take a picture of that with ur stupid camera to send it to those Limeys

7. Hardcore seems to be getting into mainstream media a little more these days with bands like Hatebreed and more recently Sworn Enemy and Full Blown Chaos getting support slots on several high profile touring bands. Do you see this as a positive thing? If given the chance, would EGH ever sign to a major or major-owned indie label?

Rob: EGH is un-sign-able. We are the fucking monsters from the black lagoon.

Steve: We can’t even spell our names!

Rob: That’s right! Nobody wants to sign us, we can’t even sign our own names. So forget about it, it’s a rap. My theory on Hatebreed and Sworn Enemy and Full blown Chaos…they will be the end of HC music as you know it

Everyone... OHH HOOO HOOO

Rob: I will say this as I feel it, because they’re gunna be on MTV showin' everybody in the world how we go around and punch each other in the face and roundhouse kick each other in the throat and crap, and ya know some kids mother is gunna see that shit on TV (Steve Laughs) and is gunna go and complain the the government, say goodbye to HC..

Allison: haha the Illuminati is gunna come after you guys!

Rob: we’re gunna have to only play in Europe. Thanks Sworn Enemy, you guys really did us a favor

We all laugh…

Rob: I love pickin on them, come on its only fair…

8. This one for Chris, your artwork on all of EGH's releases have a distinct style with mad detail going on. What influences you as an artist? Do you spend a lot of time planning out your stuff or does it just spring to mind? Also tell us a bit about your zine 'Inside Job'.

Chris: I dunno what to say man……. The artwork just comes from inside….and I just see a picture inide my head and I try to draw it and sometimes you gotta draw something’s 1000 times to get em to the way you wanna draw em. I have been influenced by the greatest artists of all time…I wanna paint a church one day and I wanna paint huge murals one day. But my zines not going anymore and shit, I got to much goin on with the band right now so I used to have a zine called inside job, and I did a lotta scene reports and stuff like that with people and we had fun.

Allison: It was a real good zine Chris

Chris: thanks Miss.

11. Chris, you used to write graffiti in NY, the birthplace of the art. How long were you active/any good stories?

Chris: Yeah, I was into graffiti and I had my own gang going and I used to steal cars and everything like that and bash the cops off the sides of the roads and write my name, um, over 100 times a day and then go to war with other gangs, and I took these two circular saws one time and I put em on a hammer and I started fuckin wailing these kids with em… I had beef with everyone, and I was the King and shit man, and I turned my life around and shit but now there HC music…(Rob: You didn’t even give em ya tag!) My tag is NOW DWS

Rob: I am just tryin to help

Chris: Thank you sir

9. Which leads me onto the next question.. What does everybody in the band do besides EGH, jobs, hobbies etc.

Rob: I smoke massive amounts of pot and I am currently watching my woman’s belly grow very big and I am getting real nervous about the fact that I have no money in the bank but ya know, HC day to day baby. Don’t you guys wanna say what you do….

Allison: anyone else?

Chris: we like broccoli and weed and beer

Rob: I like broccoli too

Tom: I work as little as possible, I uh do demolition.. yeah yeah…

Rob: Tom Murphy trying to have a serious moment

Steve: I smoke weed…that’s it (Rob: Ya bang broads)…Yeah yeah cuz ima carpenter like Jesus

Allison: Like Jesus hahaha

Tom: laughs

Steve: they pay me to wake up in the morning

Chris: I paint and I am a school teacher, after school teacher.

10. What is EGH's drug of choice?

Rob: to be quite honest and frank, (steve: Women) Opium…It is a lovely decadent device. It smells like flowers and gets you high as a fuckin kite. Gotta love those G-d damn China-men. Opium it is, thank you. Anybody else?

Tom: Anything that’s free...


Chris: We don’t support Cocaine and crack, that shit is bullshit

Steve: Yeah we don’t like that shit…

Chris: We don’t like that shit man

Steve: We don’t like weed either….

(everyone laughs)

Rob: yeah… you don’t like weed

Chris: You don’t like weed mothafucka (giggling)

Rob: We love that shit it got our ass locked up..

Chris: Fuck that EGH loves weed fuck that…

12.-Van Damme or Seagal?

Chris: How about uhhhh…Joey Douche-bags

Steve: Van Damme

Rob: Im gunna to go with Van Damme, cuz Steven Segal is a fat piece of shit

Steve: Yeah he’s weak

Tom: I couldn’t give a shit


-Groundhog Day vs Ghostbusters?

Tom: Groundhog day!

Rob: Groundhog day, easily

Tom: Obviously

Rob: Come on Bill Murray is dynamite in Groundhog Day

-Cocksparrer or the Business?

Rob: WHAT?! (everyone’s talking)

Someone: Who the fuck is Cocksparrer?!

Rob: I don’t listen to that kind of music.

-Sabbath or Maiden?

Rob: SABBATH!!!!!!!!!

Chris:Sabbath come on…

Tom: Sabbath, but Maiden is great

Rob: Maidens great but they…

Chris: Maiden definitely…

Rob: ya know ya gotta be frank, when it comes to the masters, what else ya got there ya dirty Englishmen?

13. If there is one question you would like to be asked, ask it and give us your answer. Rob: Alright! I would like to ask myself “how is it possible that you are able to walk down the street being such a good looking guy and not get mobbed by the women?” “ight, here’s how I go about it… pretty much I walk up the street, and when these dirty broccoli bags come up to me, I tell them ‘Listen, bend over’ and when the bend over i kick em in the ass, and then I get outta there. That’s how its done, take a lesson. Anybody else?

Tom: what was the question again?

Allison: if you could be asked anything what would it be?

Tom: What?

Allison: if you could get asked anything question what would it be!?

Tom: ………………..

Allison: Iight next question…

Rob: Steve Pettite, what would you like to be asked?

Steve: I really cant think like that right now

Rob: What is your favorite type of broccoli Steve Pettite?

Steve: Ripe!

Rob: ahhhh

Steve: any type of broccoli is good, as long as it smells good.

Allison: Chris?

Chris: I would like to be asked by somebody “is that a joint that your rolling over there?” and my answer is gunna be “yes” that be the best…

14. Anything or anyone you wanna shout out, now's the time.

Rob: I wanna shout out me, myself and I. Cuz really I am keeping it God damned real in this HC business. I got long hair, and all you dirty skinny fuckers you all get pissed off because I walk around with red laces in my Doc Martins…… I don’t care, it aint fuckin 1986. You aint kickin my ass and takin my docs. Im gunna do what the hell I wanna do. And that’s why I grew my hair out to irritate you people so I’d like to shout myself out once again for keeping it real, keeping it metal, and uhh Fuck HC thank you. Anybody else?

Steve: Cro-Mags

Chris: Shout out to the England crew

Rob: the London Beatdown Crew

Allison: LBU?

Rob: LBU

Chris: LBU shout out to Alex and Maldito, TRC crew

Rob: You got that guy Pierre too, Knuckledust, I like that guy Pierre, he’s a cool cat, he smoked us out

Chris: Definitely

Allison: Definitely a cool kid…

Chris: Matty for hookin up this interview…Tom…

Rob: Ya got James, Mugsey, ya can’t forget those English Creeps Allison: Aww my family out there!

Chris: yeah, James, Mugsey, that’s our family

Rob: Those are dirty English creeps those guys.

Chris: Definitely a shout out to Ninebar

Rob: cuz those guys hook it up….dont forget to shout out super Japanese HC scene and of course Billy Club Sandwich, Irate, Sworn Enemy

Tom: shout out to STS

Chris: Beware the GOON SQUAD!

Rob: yeah and STS, Settle the fuckin Score! Those dirty German pricks

Tom: Die my demon..

Rob: yeah die my demon. I like them… est la guerillas from France, I like those crazy fuckers and of course Jean-Marc from Inner Rage

Steve: Shout out to Amsterdam..

Rob: A BIG shout out to Amsterdam for keeping it real for all of Europe

Allison: Anywhere in particular that people should check out in Amsterdam?

Rob: yeah the Blue Bird café, and the dirty whore around the corner

Everyone laughs

Tom: Shashka..

Rob: (laughing) Shashka the whore with the blonde hair and the red bush

Chris: Get yourself some nice weed

Allison: Any weed in particular?

Tom: Nevelle Haze

Rob: Don’t go down the alley with the fat black broads cuz they don’t let you outta there until you bang one of them, one of the German guys got trapped back there……..I dunno what happened to him but I’m gunna say don’t go down that back alley way

Everyone starts going off laughing

Rob: I was just kidding bout everything, I love all you guys……………… SEEYALATER!!

Chris, Tom, Steve: Peace!

Master Of Brutality

I will never claim to be the best photographer around but I found an old hard drive last week at my parents house literally FULL of loads of cool music and photos I have hoarded over the years and pretty much forgotten about. To kick things off here are a bunch of pics from 2005 when Japans Church Of Misery first graced our UK shores. The gig was set up by Stu who I was in a band with at the time and now plays guitar for SSS.

He found the perfect dive for it to happen in an old basement of a car mechanics garage which just happened to be over the road from my work on Vauxhall Road. We were walking in and the dudes who worked in the workshop were all still there wondering what the fuck was going on.

The highlight of the night besides actually seeing COM in this weird setting had to be watching the guitarist eat a HANDFULL of E's that Stu had hooked him up with in one gulp! After the show was over the place quickly turned into a complete rave. Incredible night! Shit like that just doesn't happen anymore unfortunately (Insert sad 'smiley' face here).

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Not exactly taxing on the brain but, ya know!

Don't Fuck With The Baldies

Orgy Of The Rats

Some classic doom here for some Sunday morning listening in the form of the self titled album from Brooklyn's Blood Farmers. Originally released in 1995 on Hellhound Records. I was late to pick up on this record until many years later when Josh who now plays bass in Earthride put me on to it.

Very influenced by Sabbath and heavy as fuck, its a perfect record. A lot of the tracks are around the 7 minute mark but listening to this never feels drawn out. I was lucky enough to catch their reunion show in Baltimore in 2008 and they completely blew me away. I was gutted after their set when I walked over to pick up the reissue of their CD's that Toreno from Leafhound had released at the time only to be told they had sold out. Oh well, you snooze - you lose I guess. Also seeing Dingus kick singer Eli out of his bed the night before the show after he had just flown in from California was fucking priceless haha. Good times.

Any band with a song named after General Urko is certainly worth a shot I am sure you will agree!

Blood Farmers - Blood Farmers