Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Me and the owl

What it says on the tin. Me playing owl handler the other day.

He was super chilled and stared me down for ages.

Charles Buttcrakkk - Legend!

Rach sent me these pictures the other day, Thanks Charles. I love you too brother!

I also notice you have a fucked up hand again as per usual. I wonder who got unlucky this time you monster haha.

Monday, 27 August 2012


A doodle I did for the love of my life last week in an attempt to cheer her up!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Killing Yourself To Live

Fuck you if you don't know

Visioning Shared Tomorrows

When Vex'd decided to go their separate ways a few years ago I have to admit I was pretty gutted (and that doesn't really happen with things concerning music these days). I was always waiting for the second LP wondering which direction it would take them. Technically we did get a second full length in the form of 'Cloud Seed' which just seemed to be cobbled together from stuff everybody had already heard before in one neat little tidy package but it just didn't cut the mustard for me to be honest. Jamie relocated to Berlin and Vex'd was done.

Roll on a year or so later and Kuedo was born. I have to say I was not dissapointed. After two EP's (not counting the 'In-System Travel' record) released on Vex'd's home for the previous years Planet Mu, Kuedo released his much anticipated debut. Still keeping it heavy on the bass and influenced from everything from Vangelis (a personal fave) to MC Esher its a modern masterpiece of electronic music for sure and I know I will still be listening to this in years to come with everything else I consider a classic record.

I really wanted to put this up as soon as it was released but labels have to pay their bills. I am sure everybody who was waiting on this has now bought a copy but for the people who haven't, check it out. Rick Deckard and Douglas Wlliams are depending on you.

Go here if you want to read my thing about Roly Porter, Jamie's old sparring partner in crime as Vex'd.

Kuedo - Severant


Where's Wally?

Hang The Pope!

Here is the second demo from New York thrash heavyweights Nuclear Assault. Dan Lilker formed Nuclear Assault in 1984 after leaving Anthrax. Apparently this demo tape (or promo) was only given out to friends shortly before they recorded their first LP 'Game Over' for Under One Flag Records.

Raging from start to finish it definitely stood out from the other bands around at the time even in 86 when I first got to hear this tape.

Nuclear Assault - Live, Suffer, Die Demo 1985


HR Giger on the Dune that never happened

"I first heard about 'Dune' through Bob Venosa, an American painter of fantastic realism who lived in Cadaqués with his family and was a frequent visitor at Salvador Dali's house. It was a project for a three hour 70 mm science fiction film, in which Dali was to play a leading role for a fee of $100,000 an hour (he was later invited to leave the film because of his pro-Franco statements). Bob Venosa telephoned me to say that the director Alejandro Jodorowsky, to whom Dali had shown my catalogue, was interested in my work. So I went to Spain, but unfortunately Jodorowsky had already left."

"Dali, however, showed a polite interest in my work and introduced his wife Gala, describing her as a specialist in monsters and nightmares whose external appearance completely belied her inner world, Gala then expressed the opinion that I would only need to wear a mask in order to completely match the world of my pictures, and this lead her into an hour-long diatribe against the evils of the world, of which she had years of experience. She was really one of the most impressive ladies I have ever met."

"I returned to Switzerland, stupidly leaving my current girlfriend in Cadaqués, where Dali used her as a model and tried to couple her with a young hippie. Dali wanted to celebrate the ceremony himself and supervise the accompanying rituals, in his own special way. I was secretly amused by the whole affair, as I had just read John Fowles' 'The Magnus' and quite understood what the old fox was up to."

"In December 1975 I went to Paris for the private view of an exhibition about the devil, for which I had designed a coloured poster. While I was there I went to Jodorowsky's studio and left my Paris address. Jodorowsky called me over and showed me the preliminary studies for 'Dune'. Four science fiction artists were busy designing spaceships, satellites and whole planets. As a gesture to me, a couple of photocopies of vaguely suitable pictures from my catalogue had been left lying around. Jodorowsky said that he would like me to try some designs - I could create a whole planet, and I would have a completely free hand. Three-dimensional models would be made from my sketches and actors superimposed on them. I could also design costumes and masks, etc. according to my own ideas."

"My planet was ruled by evil, a place where black magic was practiced, aggressions were let loose, and intemperance and perversion were the order of the day. Just the place for me, in fact. Only sex couldn't be shown, and I had to work as if the film was being made for children. Jodorowsky was fed up with having his films censored. A team of thirty specialists would transform my ideas into film. I was thrilled by the idea."

"When we came to talking about money, he said: "You may be a genius, but we can't pay you as a genius". When I asked him what the other contributors were getting, he said "Foss gets 4000 francs a month" - modest salary indeed for a creative designer on a project costing twenty million. He explained to me at length what good publicity it would be for me etc. We parted after we had agreed that he would telephone me about the salary, and he gave me the script so that I could start work right away."

"On returning to Switzerland I was astonished to receive a telephone call from one of Jodorowsky's assistants saying that i should produce a view of the castle on the planet we had spoken about, 55 x 65 cm, and bring it to Paris, where they would look at it and see if it was suitable for the film."

"Dino de Laurentis was now in possession of the rights to Dune. He was interested in Ridley Scott as the director and me for the production designer. After my prior cooperation on the film in 1975 with Jodorowsky, I had started working together with Conny de Fries on the prototype of a bed I had designed, as part of a furniture project I always hoped to realize. The bed was never completed but my involvement with the renewed Dune project provided the opportunity to construct my designs as the Harkonnen furniture pieces and to also have them featured in the film. It was agreed that my contract would allow the copyright of my designs to remain with me and that, later on, I would have the models at my free disposal."

"Under the supervision of Conny de Fries, in a studio near my home, the work began on the technically difficult chair prototype which I had designed for the ruling Harkonnen. Dino Zerbini and Bettina Roost worked with Conny on the modeling and the polyster cast and Bruno Reithaar, a dental technician, did the complex stenciling for the inset foam rubber seat."

"Still prior to signing the contract I had already completed two new Dune paintings, when I received the news from Ridley Scott that Dino had handed the film over to his daughter. What remained from the project was my own interest in the furniture, which I had financed myself. With the aid of Conny de Fries, the perfect partner for the realization of my design, over the next few years we completed the project which evolved to include a table, mirror frame and amoire, a complete environment."

"Dune was finally realized in 1984 by director David Lynch without my participation."

Fools! - Your God Is Dead

Original pressing plate for Morbid Angel's - 'Altars Of Madness' LP.

Big Monsters Crush Cities

I hadn't played this CD in years until the other day and forgot how much I loved it. Fingathing are Peter Parker (Turntables), Sneaky (Double Bass) and Chris Drury (Art and Graphics). I played this album non stop when it was released on Grand Central Records in late 2000 and was lucky enough to catch them live a ton of times with them being located in the not so far away land of Manchester.

Me and Suzie saw them live last weekend at the Festival Kendal Calling and they were great as always. Loads of old Hip-Hop classics with their own songs woven in and out the set. I can't find any videos from the festival online so here is one from years ago.

They released three albums over the last 12 years as well as a bunch of EP's and this is their debut. Enjoy!

Fingathing - The Main Event


Friday, 3 August 2012