Saturday, 22 November 2014

The New Atlantis

I picked this record up as an impulse buy last month sucked in by the logo that looked like it was drawn with a biro by Roger Dean. Also handwritten on the hype label by the nice lads at Probe Records was 'File next to Tangerine Dream & Cluster' and as anybody who knows me well knows that I am obsessed with all things Tangerine Dream. So off I go down to the pub round the corner for a pint to check out todays pickings.

After a brief scan of a very boring looking Boards of Canada reissue I crack the sleeve on this photocopied looking thing I just spent fifteen of my hard earned pounds on and I am surprised to be greeted with this...

So I think, fuck.. who the hell is this guy with all these huge fucking synths!

So after a few more pints I finally arrive home and throw this thing on the turntable quick smart and I am not disapointed. Yes, it does sound like TD in parts. Anyways, have a listen if you are into this kinda thing. I am no good at reviewing records so have a listen if you are into moody music made with Moogs.

originally a private press of 300 copies and recently reissued by Anthology Recordings in a run of 1000 hand numbered copies.

Apparently besides building his own synths, Rudiger was also a pharmacist which could explain a lot!!

Rudiger Lorenz Wikipedia

Rüdiger Lorenz - 'Invisible Voices' LP